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Tianjin import and export

  • Telephone:022-65757223
  •  Fax:022-65757223
  • Address:Tianjin Binhai New Area Chunyang road rich garden 12-1604

About us

Shijiazhuang Hehui Chemicals Co.. Ltd located at Jinzhou mcircular industrial park. covering 80.000 square meters. having 220 employees. 50 employees as R&D and technical staff. Our company has possession of analysis and testing equipment to ensure materials and goods meeting the needs of the process. And according to the special requirements of customers, we can produce different mod…


Hui chemical production base

  • Telephone:0311-85125281,85125291
  •  Fax:0311-85125271
  • Address:Jinzhou Industrial Park 4

Shijiazhuang Sales Department

  • Telephone:0311-85256793
  • Fax:0311-85256794
  • Address:High tech Zone of Shijiazhuang City, the Yangtze River Road, No. 9 building industry, building 15L

地址信息:河北省晋州市循环工业园区 联系电话:0311-85215281 联系人:吴明 技术支持:cc联盟

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